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              Research interests:

              • Energy Absorbing Nano-Composite Materials  (primarily for Structural Applications such as Damping/Vibration, Noise or Impact)
              • Multifunctional Nano-Composites utilizing nanotubes, nanowires, nanoparticles or nano-architectures
              • Structural Health Monitoring
              • Bio-Inspired Materials and Structures
              • Renewable Energy Systems

              Dr. Jonghwan Suhr is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Multifunctional Nano-Composite Laboratory (MNCL) at the University of Nevada, Reno. His research goal is to establish an interdisciplinary research in the area of mechanics, aerospace engineering, materials science, nanotechnology and bio-mimetics toward advanced engineering applications. His research interests are in multifunctional composites, energy absorbing materials (damping/vibration, noise, & impact), structural health monitoring, and bio-inspired materials and structures.




              Jonghwan Suhr,  Ph.D.,

              Assistant Professor


              Department of Mechanical

              Engineering (MS 312)

              University of Nevada, Reno,

              Reno, Nevada 89557


              Tel: 775-682-7481

              Curriculum Vitae