Using Robolab in the ECC


To use Robolab in the ECC (SEM 231A), you will need to use the “Internet Begin” and “Internet End” commands. These commands are only available in INVENTOR 4. The Internet commands are located in the bottom left of the functions palette – see Figure 1 (if you have not previously installed the Firmware, see the Downloading Firmware document).


Figure 1. Internet commands icon on the Functions Palette.


The Internet Commands Palette (Figure 2) has 5 commands:

-         Internet Begin: use this in place of the normal begin command (green light) – see Figure 3 for details.

-         Internet End: use this in place of the normal end command (red light)

-         Begin Internet Direct Mode: we won’t be using this.

-         End Internet Direct Mode: we won’t be using this.

-         String Constant: use this to specify the IP address of the computer with the IR tower on it. FOR THE ECC, THIS SHOULD BE “” (no quotes). This is the address of the MECH 151 host computer next to the media computer in the front of the walk-in lab.

Figure 2. Internet Command Palette.



Figure 3. Help window for Internet Begin command.


If you use the Internet Begin/End commands, you can upload your programs by placing your RCX in front of the IR tower on the media computer and pressing the “run” icon (white arrow in upper right corner of main window).


Be warned – you will probably get a “communication error” dialog box – just keep entering “try again”. You should see a progress bar and finally a picture of the RCX display indicating which program slot (1 through 5) that the program was uploaded to. It may take 10 or more “try again” attempts due to high net traffic.

Your programs will look something like Figure 4. Notice the String Constant has the IP address of the MECH 151 host computer.


Figure 4. Sample Robolab program that can be uploaded to RCX over the internet.